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Foreign Labour Supply & Management

Did you know only authorized License C Private Employment Agencies by the Department of Labour Peninsular Malaysia and the Ministry of Human Resources (Jabatan Tenaga Kerja Semenanjung Malaysia, JTKSM) are allowed to provide recruitment services related to the supply of foreign labour?

As an authorized agency, Agensi Pekerjaan Ideal Reliance Sdn Bhd (JTKSM468 Lesen C) aims to assist your organization with foreign labour recruitment using our endorsement by Governmental Authority and Embassy of Source Countries, and Malaysia.

We have built strategic partnerships with various partners in Source countries to ensure you receive the right employees with the right skills to fulfill your organizational and operational needs. 

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" We ensure strict adherence and compliance to Labour Act, Human Rights, Non-discrimination, Humane Treatment, and Transparency of Terms of Engagements"
Steel Industry
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