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Contingent Workforce

Also known as 'Employee Leasing' or 'Contract Labor' whereby industry professionals are hired by Client on an on-demand basis as contingent workers versus the traditional permanent-hire model.


This means that once the specified scope of work or project is completed, these contingent workers will leave, though they may be called back when another business need arises. As such, this model allows for increase in Client workforce but not its headcount.


Hire industry professionals on an on-demand basis, increasing business output-to-workforce cost ratio.


Rapidly adapt and respond to sudden changes in business market environment. Higher productivity-to-cost ratio is achieved by employing the right people at the right time. 

Direct access to industry talent

​Get access to certain skills and/or experiences from industry talent that cannot be found internally. A wider talent pool means  higher efficiency in business and project action. 


Ideal Reliance provides dedicated Consultants to work with your organization on your requirements. From hiring project budges to employee services - we've got you covered.

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