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Manpower & Staffing Solutions Provider

Having ​entered our 23rd year as a Manpower & Staffing Services and Solutions Provider, Ideal Reliance continues to evolve to meet the everchanging needs of the global business environment.

Our Services

Ideal Reliance offers a wide range of manpower & staffing solutions and services. Learn more by pressing the links below.


Executive Search & Recruitment

Ideal Reliance's Executive Search & Recruitment has over 20 years of experience serving clients across a wide range of functions and industries.

Contingent Workforce

Hire industry professionals on an on-demand basis through gig economy for short to mid-term organization projects.

HR & Payroll Management

Remove the hassle and focus on your business growth with Ideal Reliance's comprehensive HR & Payroll Management Services.

Employer of Record (EOR)

We take on the role of an employer for our client companies who want growth by global expansion or want to tap into the Malaysian marketplace without the need to set up a local legal business entity.

Foreign Labor Supply & Management

As an authorized agency, Ideal Reliance (JTKSM468 Lesen C) aims to assist your organization with foreign labour recruitment using our endorsement by Governmental Authority and Embassy of Source Countries, and Malaysia.

Maid Supply (Filipino & Indonesian)

As an authorized agency, Ideal Reliance (JTKSM468 Lesen C) is accredited by both Philippines & Indonesian government to conduct the supply of maids / domestic helpers. We provide significant expertise & quality maid recruitment & services! 

Our Clients include:

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